This Picasso ceramic vase "Visage" is executed in an edition of 500, made of white earthenware clay, decorated with engobes with glaze and beautiful hues of red, brown and black. The piece is stamped on the underside 'Edition Picasso / Madoura Plein Feu / Edition Picasso'. This particular Picasso ceramic displays the female face surrounded by unique designs of rippled brushstrokes down the back of the vase. Characterized by beautiful decorations, a delicate textural surface, and well balanced tradition shape, this is a marvelous ceramic pitcher in great condition. Please contact us with any questions

    Pablo Picasso Ceramic Vase - Visage, Ramié 288

    SKU: AR 288
    • This Picasso ceramic vase "Visage" is one in an edition of 500, made of earthenware with colored engobe and glaze. The piece is stampled on the underside 'Edition Picasso / Edition Picasso Madoura / Madoura Plein Feu'. 


      • Height: 12 ¼ in. 
      • Year: 1955
      • Condition: Excellent
      • Ramié 288